CogniFit Introduces a Professional Platform for Researchers Interested in Studying Cognition in Real-Time


CogniFit, a leading provider of scientifically validated cognitive tests and training programs, launches today CogniFit for Researchers, a new online professional platform specifically designed to help scientists study the brain and perform scientific research online and in real-time. This new platform can help neuroscientific researchers better assess, train and track people’s cognitive performance.

CogniFit for Researchers can help further understand the scientific working of the brain, accelerate the validation cycle of research and provide a path for new kind of analysis and results. The platform also allows to carefully monitor real-time cognitive performance by measuring brain-based skills and abilities that we use in our daily lives such as our spatial perception, planning, auditory short-term memory, and processing speed.

“Collecting, translating, and analyzing cognitive data is often a slow and clunky process that still relies on pen and paper. For cognitive researchers around the world, the process is even worse as collected data may be too difficult to analyze due to poor translations and differing country standards,” said Ignacio Sánchez Rodríguez, Development Manager at CogniFit. “By using CogniFit for Researchers, scientists will have access to real-time data and online features automatically translated into 15+ languages and available wherever they are. The system also ensures that the data is securely stored, protected and that its results cannot be changed when the studies are done by several different participants. An online platform makes studies more reliable.”

The CogniFit for Researchers platform provides neuroscientists with multiple digital tools to explore, assess, and analyze cognitive functions in their study participants. For example, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine recently published its clinical trial protocol for a study using cognitive remediation to enhance mobility in older adults with CogniFit. This protocol has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Neurodegenerative Disease Management.

The CogniFit for Researchers platform offers a lot more useful features to researchers such as:

  • Measuring participants’ cognitive areas such as attention, coordination, memory, perception, and reasoning among many other cognitive abilities.
  • Customizing the neuropsychological assessment instrument to target specific cognitive abilities and get more refined results to adapt to specific studies and areas of interest.
  • Studying the effects of cognitive stimulation using mental agility games and their effect over time on different populations.
  • Accessing data online and in real time and collaborating with large research teams.
  • Monitoring participants’ cognitive skills through time and their changes to a specific regimen.
  • Conducting multilingual and multi-countries studies with data reliability and security.

See more about CogniFit for Researchers platform on our dedicated CogniFit page. Researchers can start using the system by themselves online and decide what option best fit their needs.

You can also find more information watching an introductory video on our CogniFit YouTube page.

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About CogniFit

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